Photo Credit Livvy Hoffman
About Shelly
Yeah, I know. You've got a wrinkle here and a sunspot there. I do too. But I know for certain that my best friend does not see that when she looks at me. I'm pretty sure she looks past all of the things I study in my makeup mirror and does not care one bit. In fact, I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm beautiful, even if in a Kristen Wiig kind of way. I'd prefer Jennifer Aniston, but let's be real.
When you think of the photographs we're going to make together, I want you to push aside the physical hangups and get to the feels. Our pictures are going to have all the feels in them: the yummy baby love feels, the dirty toes and muddy hands feels, the chickens in the backyard and dogs in the bed feels, and the daddy can't get enough of mommy feels.
Because that is the good life. And the good life feels good--and has nothing in the world to do with Jennifer Aniston.