My dear friends-

Times they are a'changing. 

And by "changing," I mean getting complicated.

I need to simplify. 

You need to simplify. 

Here is what I know...

You want amazing images so that when you end up in the psychiatrist's office with your 35-year-old you can whip out these photos and say, "Look how I held couldn't have been all that bad." 

Okay, but seriously, you want what I want. REAL pictures of you IN LOVE with your husband, your babies, your pets, and LIFE.

That's what I want for you. 

I have a card on my desk that says, "A true balance between work and life comes with knowing that your life activities are integrated not separated." --Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

For that to be true for me, I can't be in salesperson mode. It makes me cry. 

I am truly just a photographer. 

So I'm trying something new. I'm taking the pressure off myself. I can't be something I'm not.

I'm not a stylist. I'm not going to dress you or your kids. Truth be told, I like little boys shirtless. I like all kids, (and parents, too) barefoot. The wrong shoes can ruin a picture way worse than ugly feet (in my humble opinion). I don't like extra makeup and hair that won't blow in the wind.

I'd actually prefer to take your pictures as you blink awake at morning's first light while you're still cuddled up in bed.  At the very least, I want to take pictures of you doing something you love with the people you love. Make it real, make it sweet, make it funny, make it about your love. 

I suck at sales.

The one caveat: I will try to convince you that you have to have the gorgeous prints and custom walnut box that I have for myself. Both the prints and the box are custom made by hand here in America. The prints are on archival-quality cotton rag (like nothing you've ever held in your hands before). The one-of-a-kind (no kiddin') walnut box is made with absolute expert craftsmanship.

I offer these because I like an experience--and because they are what I want for myself.

I like the anticipation of taking the box down from the shelf, holding the beautiful wood and admiring the craftsmanship, and sliding the top open to reveal my memories. And I like the satisfaction of holding my kids in my lap with the prints in my hands and feeling the fullness of life's love in my heart.

I am very proud of these new prices. I believe that they are a great value. If you are like me, knowing the full investment upfront and being able to remove the guesswork from your budgeting is a big relief.  

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