Mueller Session       300.  

Thirty-minute session at one of the Mueller development parks or your home/backyard on a weekday.

Five lightly-edited images for digital download with print release are included in the price.

This type of session is best suited for the couple or family with older children. 

(The exception: If you know you want to do several of these just to document your life over the course of a year, this could be perfect for very casual toddler and baby milestone sessions. Let's talk!) 

Austin Session        800.

Ninety-minute session on location in Austin. 

Time of session depends on the location and any plans we make!

Your ninety-minute session will yield at least twenty beautifully-edited images on flash drive with print release.* 

Heirloom Session       1200.

All that a weekend full session includes plus twenty amazing prints tucked inside a beautiful, custom-made walnut keepsake box. These are made in America upon order, by expert craftsmen. The prints are the most gorgeous you have ever seen. Each print is made on archival-quality cotton rag. They feel absolutely amazing. The combination of the prints and keepsake box are an absolute sensory experience. I kid you not. 


*Additional prints and custom editing available at additional cost.  

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