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July 02, 2014  •  2 Comments

Newborn swoop poseNewborn swoop poseWhen I saw this pose done at the Baby as Art workshop, I fell in love. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to replicate it on my own. And I didn't have a newborn session lined up right away! What if I forgot all that I had learned?! I put out a model call, and a wonderful mom from my neighborhood responded. She had a newborn for me--a beautiful, seven-week-old, not due til July 4th, fresh out of the NICU newborn. He was lovely. I'm in love! Newborn rolls, macro lensNewborn rolls, macro lensYes, I ran out the day after the Baby as Art workshop and bought a Canon 100mm macro. I'd been dying for it anyway. I had tried to convince myself that I could just do the detached and backwards 50mm trick. But that proved too difficult for good results and not something I wanted to mess with during a newborn shoot. I'm thrilled with the results--macro newborn back hair (the ONLY time back hair is cute). Newborn toesNewborn toesI dream of newborn toes. I regularly put my babies feet to my face and just inhaled. Weird? I don't know. But my hormones made me do it. Newborn egg poseNewborn egg poseI have to laugh at myself. I bought this wrap prior to attending the Baby as Art workshop. And I tried to put the baby in it. I mean IN it. See it's knitted into a tube of sorts. When I saw that, I thought, "Oh, that will be so much easier than swaddling with it." So I just gathered it up like panty hose and pulled it over the baby. Results? Not cute. But funny, yes. Newborn loveliness, Neutral tonesNewborn loveliness, Neutral tonesI couldn't resist pulling this one in close. I love how releaxed his lips and hand are. And I love his dark hair with the creamy wrap. Newborn scarf wrap, moody lightNewborn scarf wrap, moody lightI was having too much fun with all the posing. I love the way the scarf has a feeling of blowing in the wind. He reminds me of a little cocoon or chrysalis with its one thread attached to the tree. Swaddled newborn cocoonSwaddled newborn cocoonSimply swaddled in lovely neutral tones. Just peaceful baby love. Wrapped in my brother's armsWrapped in my brother's armsI remember how my daughter quickly got thrown out of babydom and into big sister land when my son was born. Suddenly there were expectations! These two brothers have the same 3 and a 1/2 year spread between the two of them. I hope for the same kind of love for these two as mine have for each other. It is such a joy to watch your children actively love each other.

New baby smell, it’s a real thing...yep, that’s what the headline said.  We moms know new baby smell. I virtually start lactating at the thought. 

I LOVE new baby smell. But I would NEVER ask to smell someone else’s baby’s head. But, yes, a mom told me the other day that she has had two different ladies approach her for the same. I’ve got to say that even I wouldn’t cross that line. 

Instead, I take newborn photos. I seriously feel a little bit like a crook having people pay me to hold their newborns. No one has to know that I am getting my fix for new baby smell during the process. But I am an open book. And guilt, as it often does, brought me to share my thoughts...Hi, my name is Shelly, and I am a new baby smell addict.   

See The New York Times article here...


Mary Hughes(non-registered)
Can we form a club? or a support group for this embarrassing affliction? NBSA....New Baby Smell Anonymous!
Lovely photographs, you are an artist and a true professional.
I LOVE that new baby smell! Unfortunately, a week after my baby came home (3 months ago) my sinuses are acting up. I havent been able to smell since. Sometimes I hate spring...bleh. :/ Beautiful photos!
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