Maternity session for in baby's nursery, Butterflies and Roses

April 11, 2014  •  2 Comments

How can I describe meeting Miss Amy for the first time? Striking red hair to match the warmness of her heart. A lovely vintage dress perfectly fitted to her figure--understated but rich in its fine stitching and detail. Only the shoes gave a whisper of a mischievous side. Okay, actually, they didn’t whisper. Those shoes were actually having one heck of a party on Amy’s feet. 

They were gorgeous and not to be ignored. 
This first glimpse into the glorious style of Amy was in a chance meeting on the sidewalk in front of our houses. Amy wasn’t going anywhere special. She can't help but dress fabulously, because this is how she lives. It’s who she is...there is a perfect full laugh behind that unassuming calm just like there is a perfect pair of screaming hot shoes for that lovely dress.
I guess it’s been a couple of years now since Amy married her Prince Charming, Richard. Amy and Richard planned every detail of their wedding down to the gnat's eyelash, from Amy’s beautiful wedding gown purchased from Anthropologie’s wedding line to her bouquet exquisitely made from collected antique buttons, and even offered vintage handkerchiefs to their Barr Mansion guests. See pictures here. 
Given my love of Amy’s style, it’s fair to say that I was ecstatic when Amy and Richard chose me as their newborn photographer. I had seen their nursery. I knew just how amazing it was. I’d seen that Anthropologie wallpaper. And I was itching to get in there and take some pictures. But Amy wasn’t keen on having maternity photos--her feet and ankles were becoming one with her calves and she just wasn't feeling all that gorgeous.
Well, that didn’t sit very well with me. As the baby’s due date got closer, I started feeling like we were missing an opportunity. So I called Amy up and told her, “No pressure, I know how you feel about pictures of yourself, but let’s just take them, and whatever...if you want to throw them away, no one ever has to see them!” So, reluctantly, she agreed.  
And, y’all, this is what happened. Behold!
Seriously, y'all. My kids kept walking into my office as I edited and saying things like “Oooh, who is that? She’s so pretty. Ohhh, she has perfect lips. I like her hair.” And on and on and on. It was like they were seeing something new every time they walked into my office. And I was delighted.
And, yes, I think Amy is very glad we took these photos. Her husband even said that I had captured Amy’s spirit, and I felt the same way. But Amy made it easy because she was willing to let me in, and I thank her so much for that. Lovely Amy. Thank you.


Julia Berdoll(non-registered)
My sweet Shelly: It's not very often that I get to view the product of your efforts. These pictures capture a very special time in the lives of this young couple, and I am sure that they will treasure these photos forever. It didn't hurt that you had such a beautiful subject, but your talent, joy and creativity shine through!
Lovely Amy! And perfectly done Miss Shelly! As always :)
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